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 Read this BEFORE applying.

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PostSubject: Read this BEFORE applying.   January 15th 2009, 2:34 am

Welcome to Army of Exile!

Army of Exile is a raiding guild. We raid everything up to and including tier 7. Our scheduled raid days are Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 8pm EST, usually forming at ~7:30. Our loot distribution is done by leadership award; we reward loot based on what makes the guild better as a whole -- based on what allows us to win raids. This will not change. Feel free to PM Budrick, Tarutao, or Louthe on the forums or in game if you have any questions.

Applicants need to make a NEW THREAD with the following information:

Characters Name:
Able to box:
Previous Guilds(include why you left):
Playing Schedule (include timezone):
Any official raid days you cannot attend:
What do you feel you can offer to Army of Exile?
Fomelo Link:

Failure to follow this guideline or something coherently similar will result in immediate denial.

Our current needs:
High: cleric, shadowknight.
Medium: necromancer, wizard, enchanter, possibly a second bard.
Low: everything else.

1.) Level 60+.
2.) HIGHLY active.
3.) Willing to advance outside of raids.
4.) Able to maintain an 85%+ raid attendance.

A few things that will influence our decision:
1.) Fully augged gear.
2.) All dropped/buyable spells.
3.) Completed Main Quest.
4.) Completed/working on faction aug.
5.) Allied to either dragons or giants (most of us are giant allies).
6.) The ability to box.


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Read this BEFORE applying.
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