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 SK looking for a good home.

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PostSubject: SK looking for a good home.   April 12th 2009, 7:33 am

Hello, I'd like to submit my 65 SK Tyrranicus to the guild. He isnt well geared but I am willing to put in the time & effort to make the guild stronger so hopefully gear wont be a lasting issue. I am trying to gear him in DM by fishing up maps as best I can for now. I normally play daily from about 3pm - 9:45 when I must head to work for the graveyard shift (Sun - Thurs, 10pm - 6am). I can play earlier if requested by someone for help on quests when able. In addition I have a decently geared 65 Cleric. Both toons have all buyable spells except for Yaulp VI. Both toons have approximately 40 AA.

Characters Name: Tyrranicus
AA's: 40+/-
Alts: 65 Cleric Vallanth
Able to box: Yes
Previous Guilds(include why you left): Veterans Left since they never did anything.
Playing Schedule (include timezone): 3pm - 9:45 PST daily
Any official raid days you cannot attend: no
What do you feel you can offer to Army of Exile? I play a SK & Cleric very well & understand the guild's needs are higher than player's for advancement.
Fomelo Link: Need to set that up still....but will do it asap.
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PostSubject: Re: SK looking for a good home.   April 12th 2009, 7:58 am


Here is your fomelo link..Theres no setting it up on this server..
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SK looking for a good home.
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